Life can be challenging for us all, but for those with mobility impairments even basic household activities, such as morning routine, cooking a meal or even just entering or exiting their own house can present a challenge for them, their family and caregivers.  It’s difficult to be a member of the community when getting out and into the community requires so much effort.

In order to help address these issues, Stand Up for Me has made its mission to create or modify homes for individuals with mobility impairments to increase their independence.   Creating or modifying a home can mean a lot of red tape for funding and construction.  That is where we come in.  Through grassroots fundraising, identifying projects, and connecting mobility impaired individuals and their caregivers to quality contractors, we can help to make these projects happen.

Further, we believe that not only will more accessible housing bring an enhanced quality of life for the individual and caregivers, but this independence will allow the mobility impaired to become more active in their communities.

Service leads to service, regardless of level of ability, as is exemplified by our founder and Executive Director, Haywood “Charlie” Merritt.  It is our hope that through our efforts, others will find their own best way to interact with their community.